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Horoscope: Your luck for today Tuesday April 9, 12222 - The Province

The Best Auto Deals! Click here to view our new Automotive Marketplace. Share your Christmas stories We're looking for your favourite Christmas stories. Big insurance-price jump for out-of-province drivers. City of Victoria faces court case over approval of Gonzales project. Saanich man dies in motorcycle crash near Port Renfrew. Les Leyne: Weaver takes own advice, quits while he is ahead. Letters Oct. With very little effort, you will move in the direction you want to go.

By contrast to the despots who thwart you, this influence will help you grow and boost your optimism. It might even mean some bosses and VIPs will endorse you — the secret is to find out who they are. Quite likely, the favourable influence will be the overriding theme of your year. Ever since , your closest relationships and partnerships have been tumultuous and unpredictable.

At times, they have been thrilling and exciting; however, at other times, you have been annoyed and easily angered or frustrated with someone.

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This is because wild, wacky Uranus has been opposite your sign for the last seven years. For many, this signaled that a relationship ended. It created hidden pressures might have affected your health. The good news is that as of , this influence moves on.


You will be in the clear for the rest of your life. Basically however, in the coming year you will be optimistic, hopeful and in a positive frame of mind. Furthermore, you will be more tolerant with everyone, which promotes greater success in all your daily relationships. Your communications with others will be better; in part because you will be more forthcoming, more frank and more willing to share who you are with others both as a teaching device and as an opportunity to bond.

Check out what the stars say your day will be like today.

Existing relationships will improve and new romance is always possible. Your relations with a parent or an authority figure in the family will be tested this year. Like last year! It simply means you will not easily get your way with an authority figure in the family. But in the long run, your positive outlook this year will make you the winner! Patience is the key.


You can no longer put it off. Expect to tackle major repairs to your home because what you want to do this year is solidify your home base as well as cement family bonds. Oh yes it should. You are intense, passionate and powerful — capable of extremes. You are a strong leader and an excellent strategist. You are capable because there is practically nothing you cannot do.

When something is finished — you shut the door. You have an intense stare and pronounced eyebrows. You also have the mind of a detective or a gangster. You could be a doctor, a butcher or a taxidermist. Psychology and morgues intrigue you. Luxurious undergarments are a must! You want control. The year was pivotal and challenging.

Partnerships were a major focus. Relationships that were not cutting it ended then. In , your reputation was shining! People admired you and you felt proud. By , your earnings improved and in a few years, you had a chance to spruce up your digs.

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Even though you are still redefining who you are in your world, the year was a strong time for your reputation because you received awards, kudos and praise from your peers. This led to the increased popularity around However, money was tight.

Many of you explored new spiritual dimensions of your life in Fortunately, by , the first time since lucky Jupiter was back in your sign! This gave you a chance to travel and explore your world. The big news this year is you will earn more money! Yes, you will get richer! If you are working, you will get a better paying job or you will get a raise or somehow you will earn more money. You might buy yourself wonderful things so that you feel richer! Yes, it your turn to be Daddy Warbucks! This is encouraging news because not only will you earn more money this year, you will enjoy how you earn your money.


Oh yeah. This blessing comes along only once every 12 years. It will not return again for you until , so make the most of this! Combined with this great financial news, is the fact that in the next two years, you might have a job change. So if you feel this is in the cards for you — it is. Right now Saturn has a special relationship with your sign, which is excellent.

It will strengthen many areas of your life. Nothing will come to you without effort on your part, but it will come! Recognition from people in authority is likely. At work, you have more patience and perseverance than usual, which is why you will be disciplined in whatever you do.

Even your health will feel strong, especially your bones and skeleton. This can make you attractive to some people. It means you have more disposable income to party and entertain people. But hey, who wants to attract people to them just because they have money? If you are single, you will be careful, even wary of a new relationship. This means you might date casually and observe someone before you show some strong interest.

Those of you in existing relationships will appreciate who you have in your life. You will see the practical value of the partnership. And four hands are better than two. Last but not least, you will feel sexier and more attractive this year because you feel financially confident plus you will have some money to throw on your back so that you look hot! Your home scene will benefit by earning more money this year because you will have more disposable income plus you will have more money to buy things for your home and make where you live look nicer.

You will more easily entertain others at home. One of the most important things that parents can do for their kids is to remain solvent. Yes, money keeps the kids close. It will be a pleasure to be able to be generous to your kids and your loved ones. You might also use your improved financial standing to find a better home by selling and buying or renting. Keep this in mind and keep your eyes open. Also keep in mind that around , you might really improve your living scene by moving to something bigger and better!

It does not seem too much use being anything else. You are the most fascinating sign!

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Smarty pants. You love travel and change, and of course, you adore animals. You need the outdoors; in fact, you need to be out every day! You are risk-taking, fun-loving and will gamble on anything. The world needs your wisdom and your point of view.

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Freedom and activity are your survival issues!