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Developed in , Kipper has long been a…. Husband-and-wife team Monte Farber and Amy Zerner devised this beautiful new oracle deck and guidebook for you…. In these pages, yogic traditions meet Western psychology to create an explosion of new insights for….

Archangel Metatron is a powerful ally who watches over the angelic realm and serves as a bridge to Earth. Monte and Amy are popular Tarot experts and legendary lovebirds, and now they have focused the ancient power of….

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Bring understanding into your everyday life using the synergy of sacred geometry to enhance your personal healing…. In this new and revised second edition of the powerful alchemy of the soul, The Mary-El Tarot, revisit 78….

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Writing a novel is a wild, unpredictable—and oftentimes stormy—adventure. And sometimes you need a compass to….

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

The oldest oracle in the world was created over 4, years ago by Fu Xi, the mythical First Emperor of China. The powerful orb of the life-giving Sun has been worshiped from time immemorial.

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    12-Week Tarot Master Workshop - Wednesday January 22nd 2020 at 7pm

    A course correction is likely. And when this happens, you'll truly know the sweet taste of success. Mars will retrograde in your sign from September 9 - November 13, making it more important for you to direct your energy toward what truly deserves your focus. It will be vital for you to heed the universe's demand that you take a cosmic time out. Rest, Aries. You are burning the candle at both ends and have been for far too long.

    It's time to address it.

    2020 horoscope for Pisces: your love-life

    Once you're at the top of your mountain in , you might realize that it really is lonely at the top, and from March 21 - July 1, begin to shift your focus to humanitarian interests that you know can have a lasting impact on others. Saturn dipping into your 11th House of Groups and Visions during this time will give you an idea about where you want to focus your disciplined efforts to make a difference in the lives of your fellow humankind.

    After December 17, when Saturn moves into this area of your chart for good until March , you are very likely to find that your purpose is more about the impact you can have on others and less about your status in the world.